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Do You Know What An Inkjet Printer Is?

Dec. 13, 2019

I. definition of inkjet printing

The printing machine supplier is here to introduce you:The A3 Inkjet Printing Press is a process of converting Printing information into digital Printing signals under the control of a computer system, and spraying industrial Printing ink directly or indirectly onto the substrate through the industrial Printing head to form a picture and text. It has the common characteristics of the printless digital printing and can realize the variable information printing.

Continuous ink-jet printing (CIJ), both printed and non-printed, is a continuous flow of ink droplets, which are then deflected by an electric field to form an image, and then recycled or dispersed.DOD - on-demand inkjet printing (DOD) produces ink droplets only in the printed area.It is the ideal choice for full-color, high-precision printing. The printing quality is the most important consideration. Black and white inkjet printing with a single ink, the machine structure and ink system is relatively simple, while color inkjet printing is relatively complex.

Two, inkjet printing principle

Ink pump with a certain pressure, the ink from the nozzle jet, the formation of a continuous ink flow, the ink flow in the printing head filled with high voltage in the metal tube to obtain static electricity, become an orderly drip of ink.Adjust the pressure and voltage range of the ink pump to produce as many micro ink droplets as possible, when the ink drip through the high voltage tube, micro ink droplets are charged, while large ink droplets are not charged.Once the charging signal is removed, the charged droplet deflects under the action of the deflecting electrode dc electric field, forming a printing ink beam, which shoots onto the substrate and completes the printing. Non - charged ink droplets do not deflect by the ink system recycling.Synchronization of color ink jet printer interface, can accept the color image from terminal, color TV, color scanner light and color information can be stored, can also be by color converter, convert colour material color and black signal, with a neutral gray, gray level controller control by the gray level 4 kinds of color signal of the controller, sent to the corresponding color nozzle electrode respectively, control ink jet.

Iii. Characteristics of A3 Inkjet Printing Press China

1. No process, no plate tinted, variable data printing, without pressure, good quality consistency and seamless continuous printing, digital control mode, less material waste, concave and convex surface printing, physical products printing (transfer), universal, high degree of automation, equipment, small volume, fast delivery, a print, instant, meet the personalized requirements, need to use artificial, low comprehensive cost less.

Inkjet Printing Press

Inkjet Printing Press

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