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The Specific Operation of the Printer

Mar. 04, 2019

Specific operations of the printer such as A3 Dtg Printer:

The first step

Connect the printer to the host, turn on the printer power, enter the "printer and fax" folder through the "control panel" of the host, click the right mouse button in the blank, select "add printer" command, and open the "add printer" wizard window. Select the local printer such as the Automatic Printing Machine connected to this computer, and check the check box for automatically detecting and installing plug and play printers.

The second step

At this time the host will be a new printer detection, will soon find the printer has been connected, according to the prompt will be attached to the printer driver CD into the optical drive, after the installation of the printer driver, in the "printer and fax" folder will appear the printer icon.

The third step

In the newly installed printer, right-click on the icon and select "share" command, open the properties dialog for the printer, switch to the "sharing" TAB, select "share this printer", and "share" fill in the name of the need to share in the input box, for example CompaqIJ, click the "ok" button to complete sharing Settings.

Dtg Printer

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