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Some Basic Introductions About Printers

Feb. 26, 2019

The printer such the Sticker Printing Machine was invented by John Water and Dave Donald. A device on which a computer's calculation results or intermediate results are printed on paper in a prescribed format, such as numbers, letters, symbols, and graphics that can be recognized by humans. The printer is moving toward light, thin, short, small, low power, high speed and intelligent.

A printer such as the Paper Cup Printing Machine is one of the computer's output devices that prints computer processing results on the relevant media. There are three indicators for measuring the quality of a printer: print resolution, print speed, and noise. There are many types of printers, such as whether the printing component has a hitting action on the paper, a split-type printer and a non-impact printer. Press the print character structure to divide the full-size printer and dot matrix character printer. A string printer and a line printer in a way that a line of words is formed on paper. According to the technology used, it is divided into cylindrical, spherical, inkjet, thermal, laser, electrostatic, magnetic, LED and other printers.

Paper Cup Printing Machine

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