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What Process Effects Can the UV Flatbed Printer Do?

Feb. 28, 2019

UV Flatbed Printer are the mainstream printing equipment for many kinds of industry promotional materials, due to their excellent process performance, printed products. Whether it is color, saturation, integrity, in the same industry machinery and equipment, the realization is quite good. Therefore, in recent years, it has always been favored by manufacturers. There are also UV flatbed printers from Printing Machine Supplier that barely pick the printed material. Widely used in the printing of various materials, the production process is simple and efficient. So what kind of process can the uv flatbed printer do?

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First, the plane ordinary color printing

The uv flatbed printer can print any pattern. Unlike the traditional sticker process, this new printing process uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing to directly print the desired flat pattern on the material to form a pattern.

Second, naked eye 3D printing

The naked eye 3D utilizes the human eye parallax, which is a technique in which a planar printed image conforms to a lens grating to exhibit a stereoscopic effect on a planar image, including prism lens printing and microlens printing. The naked-eye 3D printable dot grating scheme introduced by Hantuo Digital is to use the illuminating oil to level the same tiny dots to form a dot grating array, and the bottom image is stereoscopically displayed through the dot refraction.

The uv printer can also be customized on more flat materials, which realizes the advantages of multi-purpose machine and saves users a lot of expenses. In the later stages, helping users expand into new businesses and markets, transformation and upgrades are very helpful. It should be noted that some of the materials made by the uv printer require pre-treatment and post-treatment processes, so that the adhesion, water resistance, scratch resistance and outdoor storage life of the pattern can meet the actual demand, so When choosing, ask if the uv flatbed printer manufacturer has a matching process plan.

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