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What Are The Core Parts Of a Digital Printer?

Jan. 03, 2020

This is common sense for every user who buys a device. On the one hand, the quality of the manufacturer's equipment can be well discriminated, on the other hand, it is also convenient for subsequent maintenance, how to focus on maintenance. Digital printer suppliers now share a complete list of core components.

Digital Printer

Digital Printer

Core component 1: Nozzle

The inkjet assembly includes a nozzle, a cart, an ink cartridge, an ink pump, a motor, and a belt. The print head is the core of the inkjet printer. The print head contains a series of nozzles for ejecting ink droplets. At present, high-quality nozzles on the market include Epson, Konica, Seiko, Xaar and other brands. Domestic manufacturers generally choose nozzle brands based on their product positioning and characteristics.

The A3 inkjet printing press basically uses Epson and Konica printheads and is equipped with an automatic cleaning and moisturizing system. After purchasing the printer, users should pay special attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the print head, otherwise it will greatly affect its use effect and life.

Core component 2: board

The main board of digital printer includes color board, motion board, servo card, USB board, driver board, and print head board. Boards need to cooperate with each other and card positions.

Core component 3: ink pump

Ink pump—used to draw ink and supply it from the primary ink cartridge to the secondary ink cartridge to the nozzle. Civil ink pumps are generally made in China. Industrial-grade equipment mainly chooses imported ink pumps, and more often chooses ink pumps produced in Germany, or Chinese ink pumps and air pumps.

Core component four: filters

Industrial printers mainly use imported filters. Common types are UV filters, ink filters, air filters, PALL filters, Cobetter filters, butterfly filters and extension filters.

Core component five: Servo motors are generally digital printers with a width of less than 1.6m. Small domestic motors are used because the equipment only needs to move over a short distance. If the width reaches 2 meters or more than 2.5m, a special imported servo motor is required.

 Label Printing Machine

Label Printing Machine

The core components of different brand products are very different. Users can learn more from sales or technical staff when purchasing models. Our company sells various digital printers and label printing machines. If you have any needs for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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