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About Laser Printing Machine, How Much Do You Know?

Nov. 11, 2019

Shall I introduce something about the laser printing machine for you? If yes, now i will begin. The laser printing machine is our company’s main product. But also we are one of the most professional supplier in our country. Therefore, we have a lot of laser printing machine for sale, and the printer machine price is suitable for everyone.

laser printing machine

Laser printing machine, the laser phototypesetting technology originated in the late 1980s and became popular in the mid-1990s. It is a printing output device that combines laser scanning technology with electrophotography technology. The basic working principle is that the binary data information transmitted by the computer is converted into video signals by the video controller, then the video signals are converted into laser driving signals by the video interface/control system,  then the laser scanning system generates a laser beam carrying character information, and finally the electrophotographic system images the laser beam and transfers it to paper. Compared with other printing equipment, laser printer has the advantages of fast printing speed, high imaging quality, etc. But the use cost is relatively high, the printer machine price in our company is suitable for everyone. 

How about the work theory? Now let me say it to you . Its printing principle is to use a raster image processor to generate a bitmap of the page to be printed, then convert it into a series of pulses such as electrical signals and send it to a laser transmitter. Under the control of the series of pulses, the laser is regularly emitted. At the same time, the reflected light beam is sensitized by the received photosensitive drum. When the laser is emitted, a dot is generated, and when the laser is not emitted, it is blank, thus printing a line of dots on the receiver. Then the receiver rotates for a small fixed distance to continue repeating the above operation. When the paper passes through the photosensitive drum, the colorant on the drum will be transferred to the paper and printed into the bitmap of the page. Finally, after the paper passes through a pair of heating rollers, the colorant is heated and melted and fixed on the paper to complete the whole printing process, which is accurate and efficient.

How to chose a good laser printing machine? With the rapid development of technology, laser engraving technology has been applied more and more widely, and the requirement of engraving precision is higher and higher.  

The four most fundamental factors that affect laser engraving are: engraving speed, laser power, engraving precision and material.  In order to achieve a certain carving effect on a specific material, it is required to absorb a certain amount of laser energy, which should be regarded as the laser energy absorbed by the material = laser power/carving speed.  Simply speaking, to increase the laser energy absorbed by the material, the laser power should be increased or the engraving speed should be reduced. As for the final method, it depends on the material and the final engraving effect.  Generally speaking, users will avoid high and low speeds, because that will reduce production efficiency.  In fact, it is not only the carving speed but also the carving precision that affects the carving efficiency.

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