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Simple analysis of advertising label printer

Apr. 22, 2019

Simple analysis of advertising label printer

Digital Printing Machine Manufacturer Advertising signs printer also called UV inkjet printer is a new technology developed in the late 20th century, it combines the traditional printing ink-jet printing technology direction in the change of modern digital printing technology revolution, UV inkjet printing technology got unprecedented development, both the advantages of UV curing technology, and ink-jet printing technology in the operation and use convenient, also is a combination of curing technology advantage in efficiency and physical properties. Along with the continuous development of computer and network technology and printing equipment, UV inkjet printing technology is also constantly update perfect, from inkjet printing industry is faced with a digital printing to a way of pressureless printing, do not need to output film, plate making, way instead of the film, the piezoelectric crystals to make use of computer graphic information control, make the advertising sign of printer nozzle under certain pressure, the ink from the nozzle of very fine, jet formation of graphic information on substrates. UV ink and traditional UV ink composition is similar, mainly by pigment, prepolymer, dilute monomer, photoinitiator and other additives. Traditional ink jet ink is generally divided into water-based ink, oil-based ink and solvent ink, compared with the traditional UV ink jet has the great advantages.

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