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What is Theory of the Black and White Digital Press?

Nov. 03, 2019

What is the theory of the black and white digital press, now let me introduce them to you. 

Manuscript: The manuscript we want to print. We know that printing usually refers to the concept of "four-color printing" because the colors in printed matter are composed of four colors: C, M, Y and K. Usually, the printed matter we are in contact with is printed in four colors.

Color Separation: Color separation is a professional term for printing, which refers to the decomposition of various colors on the manuscript into four primary colors of yellow, magenta, cyan and black. In computer printing design or graphic design image software, color separation is to convert the color mode of scanned images or images from other sources into CMYK mode.  Film: Film is a very important thing. In fact, it is the same as the film we use for photography. Four films should be produced for the four colors, and the corresponding four films are as follows: C, M, Y and K. The Philippines films are all black and white. When printing, they will be in the right place.

Plate making: After the film is finished, you can directly take a CMYK picture (the bitmap picture format commonly used in printing is tif) and directly produce the picture. It is not necessary for you to separate each color. This is what the computer does. In photo shop, you can see a CMYK picture (most of the pictures we encounter in RGB mode can be converted into CMYK for further viewing). In the channel panel, you can see that there are four channels respectively representing four colors.  The film is produced by an image setter with special software, which is relatively easy to operate. Film is coming out. Plate making is an easy thing to understand.

Five Printing: Printing is divided into lithographic printing, intaglio printing, relief printing, screen printing and other different types. Because of the different printing principles, there will be certain differences in the separation of colors and films.

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