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The correct method of extracting waste ink by universal printer

May. 18, 2019

The correct method of extracting waste ink by universal printer

Many new customers who just buy the universal printer may have some questions. The most common is to replace the printer after the supplies are used up. Ink is the most frequently replaced consumables of universal flat panel printers. When the ink is used up or needs to be changed, there will often be some waste ink that needs to be extracted. However, some beginners do not know how to extract it. Here, the color digital printer supplier China will share  the correct extraction of waste ink operation method.

Firstly, the ink cart of the Cmyk Digital Color Printing Machine should be returned to the initial position, and then the waste ink tube should be pulled out from the waste ink bottle. Then, 50ML injection syringe should be inserted into the mouth of the waste ink tube, and the needle cylinder should be pulled back vigorously until the waste ink is extracted by the needle cylinder. After the extraction, the waste ink tube should be inserted back into the waste ink bottle. Here is the need to pay attention to the waste ink when the return, to wait for no return, you can release the hand, after the withdrawal can not immediately pull out the needle.

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In the extraction of waste ink when the following three conditions must be noted:

A, in the pumping waste ink if there is A leakage phenomenon, pumping out waste ink, this will be careful, this shows that the universal printer cleaning system sealing problems, this need to replace the nozzle protector to solve.

B. If air leakage is found in the ink sac during the waste ink pumping, it indicates that the ink sac of the universal plate printer is damaged and cannot be used normally, and a new ink sac needs to be replaced.

C. The plate printer must be cleaned after each extraction of waste ink, so as to avoid "siphon", unnecessary loss of ink in the cartridge and contamination of the whole ink supply system.

When extracting waste ink from the universal printer, customers must follow the correct operation steps to avoid the second damage of the universal plate printer. Novice in the purchase of a tablet printer, the operation, must be in accordance with the operating instructions or technical professional training when the operation steps, so as to avoid failure, damage universal printer. In the printer failure, encountered their own can not solve, must find a manufacturer to guide the technical person to operate, do not dismantle their own versatile flat plate printer.

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