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The reason why the pattern of digital printing machine is not clear

Jun. 26, 2019

4. Inkjet printing handle poor.

Digital printer supplier China shares that it is caused by improper use of pretreatment technology of grey cloth, and the treatment formula is not suitable for the grey cloth: improper paste composition: improper selection of dye.

The solution is: inkjet printing pretreatment on the paste has the following requirements: (1) good hydrophobic. The higher the water-repellency, the better the fineness of printing;

(2) good debonding, which is to ensure a good feel after printing the premise;

(3) made of paste with good liquidity, which is conducive to pad sizing:

(4) the effect of alkali agent in the paste with good electrolyte resistance is to promote the formation of covalent bonds with the hydroxyl group on the cotton fiber. High colour fastness (colour fastness tested to grade 4 or 5); The effect of urea is the same as that of traditional printing. Paste, ink dye to meet the characteristics of grey cloth. Pay attention to fabric hydrophobic, reasonable adjustment prescription.

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5. After printing dye ink seepage phenomenon.

Because the printing area of the fabric can absorb less volume of ink. Under the action of capillary effect. Excess ink on the surface of the fabric diffuses along the capillary between the fibers, causing the ink-jet print to seep out. In addition to the composition of the ink itself, the main factors affecting the penetration of paint ink on the fabric. Fiber type and fabric structure and specification are also very important factors.

The solution: treat the fabric with an appropriate thickener. Block the space between the fibers. Prevent ink from spreading along the capillary for light and loose fabrics, the gap between the fibers is large, poor water retention. Ink-jet printing. Ink flows easily along the gaps between the fibers. Cause seepage. The fabric is tightly knit. The interfiber Spaces are small. The infiltration of ink on the quality of the smaller thickener and the use of proportion is very critical, in the proofing with gradient ruler ratio (sample), test.

6. Bad color fastness.

In the use of pigment inks, when the pigment reaches the nanoscale dispersion. The only drawback is reduced fastness to the sun. The order of fastness to light is as follows: acrylic resin > melamine resin > urethane resin > organic dye > pine balm. We know. The light resistance of cationic dyes is very poor. And dyed on acrylic. Sun fastness is very good. When using acrylic emulsion as pigment printing adhesive. Printed fabrics generally do not have the problem of unqualified fastness to sunlight. Acrylic emulsion hard monomers are generally acrylonitrile or methyl methacrylate. To improve its stability under light and heat treatment conditions. When using it as a coating adhesive. It can also improve the fastness to sunlight. Special attention should be paid to the components of dye ink when selecting dye ink.

The above summary of 6 points, I believe that read to help you all, if you have problem of the cmyk digital printer , in the digital technology dedicated to your service!

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