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Use and daily maintenance of copier printer

Oct. 10, 2019

1. Choose the right place to install and copy. Pay attention to high temperature, dustproof, shockproof and direct sunlight. At the same time, ensure that the ventilation and ventilation environment is good, because the copying machine produces trace ozone, and the operator should go to work every time. Take a breathable moment in the outdoor. Usually try to reduce the movement, if you want to move, you must move horizontally, not tilt. To ensure operation, at least 90 cm should be left on the left and right sides of the machine, and 13 cm space should be left on the back (if the machine is equipped with a finisher, it takes about 23 cm). Care should be taken when operating and using the copier.

2. Should use a stable AC connection, the power supply should be: 220-240V, 50Hz, 15A.

3. After going to work every morning, open the copier and preheat it for about half an hour to keep the copier dry.

4. To maintain the copier glass platen clean, no scratches, can not have correction fluid, fingerprints and other spots, otherwise it will affect the copying effect. If there are spots, clean the glass with a soft glass cleaner.

5. In the work process of the photocopier printer must be covered with the above blocking plate to reduce the glare of the eyes on the stimulation.

6. If you need to copy a book and other documents that need to be bound, please use a copier with "separate scanning" performance. In this way, copy shadows due to uneven binding can be eliminated.

7. If the background of your copy is shaded, dust may have entered the lens of your copier. At this point, you need to professionally clean the copier.

8. When the copier face shows the red light plus powder signal, the user should add toner to the copier in time. If the powder is not added in time, the copier may malfunction or produce powder impact noise. When adding toner, shake the toner and follow the instructions. Do not use substitute powder (false powder), otherwise it will cause faults such as flying powder, bottom ash, shortening the service life of the carrier, and because of the high waste toner rate, the actual copying amount is less than 2/3 of the real powder. 

Use and daily maintenance of copier printer

 Digital Color Printing Machine

  • Daily maintenance precautions

First: Photo printing machine supplier introduce surface work must be done. (Users can operate).

Cleaning points: use soft cloth

a. Document feeder size sensor section, document feeder external part

b. Platen glass, narrow glass surface (use as much dry cloth as possible)

c. Exhaust filter around the machine (can be gently shaken on the floor after being taken down)

d. Clean the outside of the machine (can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth)

Second: Internal cleaning is the focus. (requires professional operation)

a. Tray and other parts of the paper feed roller, clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth.

b. Develop the ventilation duct and the developing casing, and wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use a blowing device to prevent the toner in the developing chamber from flying.

c. Drum assembly, pay attention to cleaning the cleaning lamp part, be sure to check whether the waste toner removal mechanism of the drum is unobstructed.

d. For the transfer belt assembly, be sure to check whether the transfer waste toner removal mechanism is unobstructed, the surface of the belt is prohibited from being wiped, and the inside of the belt can be cleaned with a blower or suction device.

e. The optical table of the platen, in addition to the lamp holder, the mirror part, the rear lens of the CCD and the optical receiving part of the CCD circuit board, also need to be cleaned.

f. Other surfaces inside the machine are scattered with dust.

g. The power supply environment and security must be checked; for example, extension line conditions, voltage conditions, circuit high current conditions, etc.

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