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Technical Advantages Of Digital Color Printing Machine

Apr. 18, 2019

Technical Advantages Of Digital Printing Press

Digital Printing Press Manufacturer would like to share technical advantages of printer equipment for you.

1. The printer material does not move, and the color printing beam moves step by step to ensure the color printing accuracy of the thick plate;

2. The unique jacking wheel lifting device of the marking printer facilitates the loading and unloading of glass sliding door and other materials;

3. The Y-axis drive controlled by the servo system of the label printer makes the crossbeam return fast and saves the conversion time;

4. The logo printer features double zero color printing before and after longitudinal operation, which can save time of work conversion and improve the efficiency of color printing;

5 billboard printer powerful cavity control adsorption function, ensure the material does not warp;


6. Label label printer is equipped with 6 color + white + light oil printing mode, realizing the perfect color printing of transparent materials;

7. The light, bright light, high energy, low energy and other curing methods can be selected for the label printer to extend the service life of the lamp tube;

8. Logo and sign printer provides optional functions such as automatic head sealing, automatic lifting, positioning pin and pressing roller, etc.;

9. Low entry cost and great upgrade potential for signage printer equipment, providing one-stop process solutions.

If you really want to buy the machine, it is best to investigate, you can see the company size, r & d team, after-sales service, production workshop, on-site proofing, so that it will be more secure, the later will save a lot of unnecessary trouble.Welcome to purchase our Digital Printing Press!

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