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What are the key points in the production of digital direct jet printing machine?

Jul. 04, 2019

What are the key points in the production of digital direct jet printing machine?

Digital printing machine supplier shares that the application of digital direct jet printing machine is mainly concentrated in T-shirt and garment cutting. Roll to roll digital direct spray printing, the current application is not much, the market has just started, but the future growth space is huge. Digital jet printing machine due to its process is simple, without washing, no sewage discharge, applicable to all fabric, high color fastness to light and environmental characteristics of production technology, and wide application, can be used in the clothing surface fabric, t-shirts, bedding, curtain, wall cloth, sofa cloth, etc., so the future development of digital jet printing machine will soon.

Zhongpin digital has been promoting digital direct jet printing machine for more than 10 years and has accumulated rich production experience. The key points of digital direct jet printing production are as follows:

1. Pre-press semi-finished fabric gross effect cannot be too high, cooking cannot be through, gross effect is too high, the permeability of the fabric is good, paint ink will permeate the back, the front color will be lighter; Therefore, for coating printing semi-finished fabrics, to properly control the gross effect, control its permeability can not be too good;

2. Softeners, especially water-repellent silicone softeners, will significantly reduce the adhesion of coatings, resulting in reduced color fastness. Currently, most digital printing factories do not do pre-treatment by themselves.

3. For orders requiring high color fastness, pre-processing solution can be used to improve not only color fastness, but also color freshness; According to our test results, the color can be improved by 2-3, and the color fastness can be improved by 0.5-1.

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4. The color fastness of the same paint ink on different fabrics is different, with the maximum difference up to grade 0.5-1;

5. Paint ink fastness, associated with solid color temperature and time, the higher the temperature, the longer the better color fastness, but cotton will turn yellow at high temperature, therefore, should be determined according to the fabric of solid color process, the temperature sensitive fabrics, lower temperature, low temperature, fixing time will be extended, to ensure that the color fastness. Generally, the fixing temperature is between 150-170℃, and the fixing time is between 90-300 seconds.

6. To further improve the color fastness, fixing agent and softener can be used in the later process. Note, however, that after applying the softener, wet rubbing fastness is improved, but dry rubbing fastness is reduced.

7. Digital printing of coating for dark fabrics: for dark fabrics, three ways are generally adopted to achieve digital printing of coating. First, white ink is printed first and then colored ink is covered. Second, first scrape discharge pulp, and then print paint, high temperature treatment, dye is pulled out, paint adhesion, feel soft, good color effect, in this way, fabric dyeing can be used to discharge dye. Third, through screen scraping printing bottom paste, can also achieve the dark fabric coating digital printing.

Zhongpin digital is committed to the research, development and application of digital inkjet technology. With rich experience in technology research and development, we have obtained rich fruits. If you need digital printer for sale, you can call zhongpin digital.

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