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Why the digital direct printing machine than traditional printing machine more economical?

Jul. 18, 2019

Why the digital direct printing machine than traditional printing machine more economical?

As you know, for textile mills, electricity is second only to raw materials as a percentage of cost. Especially for enterprises with high degree of automation, the cost of electricity is higher than the labor remuneration. Take a textile enterprise with 840 digital printing press machine and an annual output of 70 million meters as an example, the annual electricity cost is about 4-5 million yuan, and the enterprise's labor expenditure is also 3-4 million yuan. It can be seen that looking for energy-saving and environment-friendly digital printing machine can bring more cost savings for enterprises.

We have learned, at present the product digital launch of digital jet printing machine ZY - 1823 - d compared to the traditional digital printing machine energy saving, power saving rate compared with the traditional printing machine decreased about 30%, in addition, the digital jet printing machine ZY - 1823 - d built into the drying system, the emergence of this function in greatly reduced the printing part of drying process, also save on labor costs of the lose. Save more costs for enterprises. Since the launch of zy-1823d, the digital direct jet printing machine launched by China and India digital has been favored by the vast number of digital direct jet printing market. High quality products, outstanding quality laid the digital direct jet printing machine zy-1823d status. High configuration, high cost performance, the people's price so that the digital printing industry fondle admiringly.

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As one of the leading digital printing equipment manufacturers in China, China digital is committed to realizing how to make bulk orders of printed fabrics with digital printing machines accepted by traditional printing factories. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to significantly reduce the use cost and further improve the stability of production, only this part of the market demand is pried up, can truly enter a high-speed development period. In this regard, the company will not only strengthen technology research and development, but also strive to improve the market response speed, help customers achieve rapid return on investment, promote the further development of digital printing equipment.

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