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Summary of daily problems with digital printers

Jun. 12, 2019

Summary of daily problems with digital printers

Solutions to common problems in the printing process of tablet printers (digital printer machine) :

1. If the ink in the ink cartridge (the computer shuts down automatically) is not enough or not enough after continuous cleaning, the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

2. In general, if there are a few missing lines in the self-check pattern, if you do not print high-quality pictures (such as printing documents), you can print normally without cleaning the print head.

3. If the pattern is still broken or missing after self-inspection after cleaning, please repeat this operation for 4 to 5 times. Normally, the missing lines of self-inspection pattern will be reduced, which proves that cleaning is effective.

digital printer machine

4. If the above problems are encountered in the printing process of flat printer, self-check shall be carried out first. If there is any line missing in the self-check pattern, the print head shall be cleaned. In general, the pattern is linear when the print head is cleaned and self-checked.

5, the newly installed ink cartridge will sometimes encounter the phenomenon of missing line or a certain color can not be sprayed out, at this time, do not easily judge as print head blockage, most of the transport caused by bump and inverted storage, should be cleaned print head.

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