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[Digital Printer For Sale China]Comparison of trolley printer with traditional printer

May. 15, 2019

Comparison of trolley printer with traditional printer shared by Digital Printer For Sale China.

(I) advantages of the draw bar box printer:

1, suitable for any material, compatible surface is very wide.

2, no platemaking, printing fast and low cost, available for a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

3, equipped with professional color management software, it can change colors anytime and anywhere without paying extra fees.

4, one-step completion, printing and taking, to meet the needs of quick sample out of the finished product.

5, from the unit price printing large quantities of template printing, saving time and effort.

6, full-color image, completed in one time, progressive color fully achieves photo quality effect, accurate positioning, and zero reject rate.

7, only 30 minutes, you can master, production quality, no professional skills.

8, computer operation, no reliance on personnel, upgrade space.

digital Printer For Sale China

(ii) disadvantages of traditional printing:

1, out of the film screen plate plate making costs, printing costs expensive;

2, color complex, once the version can not be modified;

3, cumbersome procedures and long production cycle;

4, the high cost of screen printing plate, screen printing point can not be eliminated, the need for mass production, in order to reduce the cost;

5, digital color printing system China shares that heat transfer using thermal sublimation ink to first print the picture on the transfer paper, and then transfer to the medium surface, there are several difficult problems: color deviation and positioning deviation, the finished picture is easier to scratch off, poor fastness, generally need to spray a layer of protective film. In addition, special media transfer also need to do flexographic printing.

6, the traditional signage production generally adopts the method of engraving + corrosion + color paint filling, or laser engraving, can only make monochrome signage, the color pattern is powerless.

7, multiple overprinter rejection rate, color deviation.

8, a skilled printer with many years of experience is required.

9, more personnel are needed and the proportion of handwork is high.

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