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[Digital printer for sale]What is the digital printer?

May. 31, 2019

Digital printer

Digital printer machine, alias universal flat printer, arc printer. Can print any material and irregular (required surface drop can not exceed 7mm, otherwise the effect is not good or even printed) soft, hard objects.

Product introduction

Universal flat-panel printers can print any material and irregular (requirement surface will not be able to fall more than 7 mm, otherwise the effect not beautiful, even can't print) soft and hard objects, such as: metal, ceramic, crystal, glass, acrylic, stone, PVC, plastic, toys, U disk, cloth, wood, silica gel, leather, etc., digital printers can be for you to reduce costs, reduce artificial, improve business efficiency, because the digital printer without the film plate, a full color image, precision positioning, reject rate to zero. Digital printer high-tech products completely replace the silk screen printing transfer and other traditional processes, belongs to the type of environmental protection products, can be exported, is the trend of 2009 product special printing.

digital printing machine for sale

Digital printer printing material surface high retention color image, without direct contact with the article, to ensure the integrity of the printed article, printing and dyeing through ink injection, will not be due to heat and pressure deformation and other phenomena, using the direct output of the computer printing, do not have to do any preparatory work at the early stage.

Digital printer printing is convenient and fast, there are only four printing steps :(1) coating on the printing part →(2) printing →(3) drying (or drying) →(4) finished, the operation is extremely simple, ordinary people can operate the whole process.

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