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Printing conditions and application range of digital printers

Jun. 15, 2019

Printing conditions and application range of digital printer shared by the digital printer supplier China.

Printing conditions of the digital printer

Digital printers must be surface-treated before they can be used. That is, they are sprayed with a layer of surface treating agent (coating). These treating agents do not have any effect on the surface of the material

The surface coating treatment has a great impact on the later color printing:

Identify the material you want to print, and then apply the coating to the material.

(2) make sure the coating is dried or dried before printing.

(3) in addition, we must ensure that the coating is uniform and clean, if not uniform will lead to the individual position of ink is not adsorbed, into spots, or ooze color. Cleanliness is also to prevent dust after the impact of sundries after printing, quality assurance.

Range of application of the digital printer

digital printer supplier China

Digital printers are widely used:

Personalized printing: such as boutique, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop.

Crystal boutique: on-site production of tourist attractions or market areas.

Product proofing: all kinds of traditional printing samples.

Studio: such as digital video production.

Garment industry: sample proofing or color printing of personalized patterns.

Leather products: color printing of high-end leather goods.

Electronic products: such as usb flash drive, laptop case, color printing of MP3/MP4 appearance.

Gift package: color printing with personalized appearance.

Sign making: all kinds of sign making.

Decoration industry: color printing of tile or ceiling.

The toy industry

Glass products industry

The advertising industry

Garment industry

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