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How to recycle and reduce the waste ink of digital printing ink?

Sep. 05, 2019

How to recycle and reduce the waste ink of digital printing ink? Following the digital printing machine supplier would like to share with us.

Many digital printing factory owners every day to see a bucket and bucket of waste ink have to dump are very distressed, can not help but often ask, ink to 100 yuan a kilogram, there is no way to use these waste ink?

Generated waste ink recycling method is not without, now there are scholars in the study. The main method is to collect a variety of different colors of ink by color, and then concentrate, dry into dye, plus some additives, the ink can be made into digital printing ink or reactive printing dye. However, the feasibility of this method is very low. Because the first waste ink separation collection is very difficult, the machine cleaning nozzle is not a single color cleaning, but all colors together. In addition, even if the colors can be collected separately, the environmental cost of various treatments is not low. Finally, it is very risky to use active printing, which may block the nozzle.

Digital printing system can reduce the amount of ink waste in several ways. The main way to reduce waste ink is to reduce nozzle obstruction. In addition to using the right digital printing ink, here are a few things to look out for:

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1. Timely clean the internal pipeline, ink sac and inner filter of digital printing machine to ensure the internal pipeline is clean and reduce the blocking of the nozzle to clean the nozzle.

2. Make sure the shower head moisturizing pad is in normal condition. If the nozzle is not well moisturized when it is not in use, the ink on the nozzle surface will dry out and block the nozzle when it is used again.

3. Some machines have a default setting of 10 or 20 minutes to flush the sprinkler head. Turn this function off if it is not necessary.

Of course, choosing the right digital printing ink is the most important, some ink is not too blocking and do not need to clean the nozzle, and some ink need to clean the nozzle in a few minutes, this will directly lead to a large amount of waste ink. The ink of our company has been tested for its smoothness for a long time before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that customers can minimize the number of times of cleaning the nozzle.

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