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[Printer for sale]The history of printing -- the development of China

May. 23, 2019

The history of printing -- the development of China shared by digital printing machine supplier.

The evolution and development of printing is also the history of the development of human culture and promotes the prosperity of human culture. Technological change occurs whenever technology needs to be improved and people are ready for it. The development of culture has experienced ups and downs in the long history. Even though people couldn't find the direction at the very beginning, they still went through many hardships and made countless attempts to make printing the treasure of people all over the world. Even in today's world, it still plays an irreplaceable role.

Originating in China:

Printing originated in China, and played an irreplaceable role in the prosperity of world culture as the cultural exchanges between China and the west went to the world. As early as 105 AD, the Chinese people had invented the art of making paper, the raw materials of which were extracted from bark, cloth and fish nets. In 175ad, the Confucian classics were carved into stone so that they could remain immortal. About 500 years later, Buddhism began to spread widely in east Asia, and in order to further its influence, paper buddhist sutras and printed copies were published. With the emergence of a large number of paper books, books have gradually become popular, enabling more people to get in touch with cultural knowledge and become useful talents for the country and the family.

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Chinese block printing:

Out in 868 in the late tang dynasty the vajra prajna jackfruit sutra is the world's oldest and well-preserved engraving printing work, it is a 496.1 cm long, 26.8 cm of the scroll, is also the world's earliest printing graphic works, the works on behalf of the Chinese ancient people's incomparable wisdom of labor, the exquisite and fluent line composition was the engraving printing technology level a mature thing to do.

Movable type printing:

With the development and progress of the society, woodblock printing has been unable to meet people's demand for culture, so movable type printing should be shipped out. Bi sheng created movable type printing in 1040, when he used clay materials, and he also promoted the creation and development of wooden movable type. Movable type USES clay, wood, metal and other materials to make small blocks engraved with words. The small blocks are arranged in a certain order to print the text, which is obviously more convenient and more durable than hand-writing and engraving. However, due to the complex strokes of Chinese characters, the typesetting efficiency of movable type printing is still low, which is not widely used in China. The Korean people improved on the invention of movable type in 1392, after the printing spread to Korea during the Korean koryo dynasty.

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