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Analysis and countermeasure of inkjet printing

Aug. 28, 2019

Analysis and countermeasure of inkjet printing shared by printing machine supplier.

The speed of sound:

The speed of sound is different in the three states of gas, liquid and solid. Generally, the higher the density ratio of propagation medium to air compression, the faster the speed of sound will be. At the same time, the speed of sound also has some influence on the temperature, some is proportional, some is inversely proportional.

In practice, the higher the specific weight of the ink, the faster the speed of sound will usually be. Because of the actual composition of the ink is still a lot of, so the speed of sound response to different ink can not simply look at the proportion of several materials to determine.

For high speed ink, its resonance waves arrive early. It is necessary to know the sound velocity value of ink to adjust different waveforms to match different nozzle to achieve stable digital printing machine price. Usually, the speed of sound of different inks needs to be measured.

Waveform with exciting cavity pressure.

Different inks such as dispersion, activity, paint sound speed is not the same, even the same ink produced by different manufacturers are different. In this way, using the same waveform to drive the nozzle, for different inks to get large, medium and small ink droplets amount is not the same (assume the variable point of large, medium and small ink droplets to print), the speed and frequency response curve between them is not the same. Therefore, we need to do the corresponding waveform matching work for different inks.

printing machine supplier

printing machine supplier

Key points:

A. incentive zone. Drive voltage rise, different rise rate will affect the speed of ink, ink drop size, satellite point. At this time the cavity pressure in the cosine oscillation mode and the voltage reached the high cavity pressure also reached the maximum negative pressure value of ink absorption. According to the actual printing experiment, the height of the water column is about 250mm, so the design of the low-pressure ink supply system in front of the nozzle should be controlled within this range. At the same time corresponding to different working environment of the digital printer machine requirements also put a certain amount of margin, usually at least 20% of the margin to put, so as to achieve a stable inking requirements.

B. Constant amplitude oscillation region. The piezoelectric crystals in this region are subjected to a constant driving force that oscillates in constant amplitude, creating a positive cavity pressure for ink output and a negative cavity pressure for ink drop separation. The driving voltage drop along the point where the ink drop separation, ink drop shape, ink drop speed, satellite point generation have a great impact. Especially in the case of multi-wave drive, the cavity pressure value and the phase point at the beginning of the next wave are very important. Usually, the point position needs to be selected after multiple debugging and comprehensive balance.

C. Damping region. This region turns off the driving voltage, so the cavity pressure is in free oscillation change, and attenuates according to the damped oscillation rule. If we can control the reasonable falling pendulum rate, we can further control the pressure value in the cavity of the satellite point and the next waveform as far as possible in the semilunar curve. The damping degree is greatly affected by the viscosity of ink. Thicker inks are usually used for larger droplets, while less viscous inks are suitable for smaller droplets.

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