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What causes the digital printing machine printing patterns are not clear?

Jun. 22, 2019

What causes the digital printing machine printing patterns are not clear

Cmyk digital printer machine has the advantage of printing high precision without plate-making and environmental protection. Therefore, digital direct printing machine is widely used in clothing and home textiles. However, in the process of cmyk digital printing machine, some customers will encounter in the digital direct printing machine printing patterns, pattern definition is poor, what is the cause of this?

Digital printing image quality analysis, improvement methods and processing schemes are as follows:

1. The image definition is not high.

Phenomena are: blurred image; The image has incomplete graphics: jet nozzle fineness adjustment is improper. Mainly because of the choice of ink-jet resolution and the grey cloth does not match.

Solution: because of the weaving way of grey fabric, the surface cannot be as smooth as paper. General inkjet printing mostly use 360 ~ 720dpi line inkjet. Silk fabrics and other fine fabrics rarely ink-jet to 1440dpi, if the infinite increase in image clarity not only no effect. And it affects the speed of the jet. To increase the difficulty of software and hardware, reasonable resolution should be selected according to the fineness of patterns and the smoothness of grey cloth. The height of sprinkler head should be adjusted reasonably for fabrics with different thickness: the sprinkler head is too low, which will easily block the sprinkler head and affect the color of patterns: the sprinkler head is too high, and the ink moves around the sprinkler head. A certain height from the fabric. It produces a parabola at a certain Angle. The printed patterns will have blurred boundaries, poor accuracy, and not bright enough color. So in print. Adjust the nozzle to the right height.

digital Printing Machine

2. The color level of the design is not rich enough.

The phenomenon is: there are two sections in the pattern, the layer transition is not natural; Color expression is not strong; The reason for the level is the selection of dye inks improper or not suitable for the grey cloth.

The solution is: ink-jet printing with the number of spray droplets to change the color level. A jet print used as a dot trace. There is no problem with high density for dark colors. Sometimes it feels a little hierarchical. Or due to the mixing of redundant color points, it is easy to produce a dark sense of color, color bright color reduced phenomenon to solve the problem of the light area. It can increase the density by using two kinds of dark and light colors and double colors. Another way is to pre-mix the colors. It is called "spot color" jet printing. But must have the measurement match color system and the automatic mixing pulp system to support. And color will be limited

3. In the process of jet printing surface particle size is relatively coarse or flow of ink.

Formed for improper adjustment or damage of inkjet port.

The solution is: the choice of printing accuracy. Most worsted thin fabrics are printed with high precision 720doi~720dpi. The printing accuracy is directly related to the printer resolution. 720dpi resolution is used for fabric printing. The accuracy is quite high and the general woolen fabric printing, can use 360dpi~360dpi precision printing. This increases the speed of printing. And enough to meet the printing accuracy.

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