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Introduction of color fixing agents used in printing processing

Jul. 25, 2019

Introduction of color fixing agents used in printing processing shared by laser printer supplier China.

(1) resin type of fixing agent, by cyanide glue, plastic double cyanide, melamine resin, urea, divinyl three amine, such as fertilizer and methanol condensation compound, such as fixing agent Y is dicyandiamide, lock chloride and methanol condensation compound, and can improve the resistance of reactive dye wash wagons, fastness to chlorine, but has certain influence on resistance to sunlight fastness, after the release of formaldehyde on the fabric, used has been disabled.

(2) resin type low formaldehyde fixing agent is used dicanogen gum, diethylene trigum and hydroxymethyl service or ZD resin made of cationic resin type low formaldehyde fixing agent, both reactive groups, and dyes and fibers in the hydroxyl, amino cross-linking; There are cations in the molecule, which can be combined with cationic dyes to further improve the fastness of reactive dyes to soap washing. But a small amount of formaldehyde will be released after use.

(3) reactive formaldehyde-free fixing agent, with epichlorohydrin as raw material, reaction with amine, ether, nucleic acid, horizontal glue, etc., commonly used monomethylamine, dimethylamine, diethylenediamine, cycle-structured mixed adhesive and epichlorohydrin to prepare reactive fixing agent. Its biggest advantage is to improve the cleaning dye wet ironing fastness, if the dicarboxylic rubber and diethylene trigum condensation resin and epoxy thyloropropane reaction, the formation of reactive resin type fixing agent is better. Dicyandiamide is used as raw material to prepare all kinds of color fixing agents, the appearance of its products are tan solution, general use will cause color change only disease.

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(4) ferric high fruit no aldehyde-fixing agent, is a quaternary basis of ethylene monomer, through polymerization reaction to form polymers. For example, diallyl dimethyl chloride casting and polymerization of color fixing agent, it can not only form polymer film on the fabric, but also can adsorb with anion dye electrostatic, so as to improve the soap-washing fastness of reactive dye, as a new generation of formaldehyde-free color fixing agent.

(5) according to the linear polymers and reactive fixing agent, is to introduce the above JiTieJi polymer reactive groups, such as zinc salt of diene targeted and 2, 2 a azo a pair (2 narrow base propane) 2 hydrochloride aggregate into polymer, harmonic and epoxy propane reaction, generate JiQin salt polymers with reactive groups, fixing agent, can form polymers in the fabric of crosslinked membrane, and plays a role of bridge and dye, fiber, solid color effect is improved obviously.

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