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Analyzing several main application fields of digital printing products

Aug. 20, 2019

Analyzing several main application fields of digital printing products by digital printing machine supplier.

The application field of digital printing products is very wide, with the continuous maturity and development of digital printing technology, the popularity of digital printing products will be more and more high, digital printing market is widely used, so what are the main channels of good sales in recent years?

According to the technical principle of digital printing machine process, after a period of our research and development and experimental work, in the current situation, digital printing is mainly used in some personalized, small batch, rapid response and high environmental requirements of the field and printing and dyeing enterprises proofing. Considering the production cost and technical characteristics of digital printing, the current market positioning is mainly aimed at the high-end consumer market. The market after segmentation mainly includes the following areas:

1. Design and printing of fashion and performance wear

For fashion designers, is most important to grasp the process of fashion design at present, clothing designer in the process of fashion design, to be able to grasp the often can only is the design of clothing styles, while on the pattern design of fashion fabrics tend to be passively to choose market ready-made pattern fabric, generally it is difficult to find a completely accords with the design of their own design style and creative material. Often make their own design style is difficult to express accurately, especially fashion shows with clothing, stage clothing, and some highly personalized fashion, the use of existing fabrics may be difficult to achieve the due effect. Even some foreign imports of fabrics, high prices, and delivery time and print volume, often can not be accepted. Accordingly, at present a few fashionable dress stylist, in order to attend a competition, show his distinctive conception and design style to people, often can use the method of freehand to solve the inadequacy on fabrics only. But even if it is hand drawn, because of the limitation of painting level and make design is rich in color layer delicate aspect is greatly discounted. And the emergence of digital printing machine for sale, just to make up for this defect. "Beiyin digital" shows a new design world to designers through the cooperative research and development with designers from the clothing studio of Beijing institute of fashion technology, enabling designers to gain the initiative of fabric creation and control the whole process of clothing design smoothly. After a period of trial and exploration, we have reasons to believe that digital printing technology can quickly change our traditional design concept and design mode, and will definitely produce a revolutionary promotion of clothing consumption concept and mode, so as to launch a brand new "digital clothing" consumer market.

Digital Printing Machine

2. Various personalized tourist souvenirs and craft gifts

The technical features of digital printing, making on the all kinds of textile fabric printing all kinds of high precision pattern is possible, so on textiles printing small batch like Chinese painting, Chinese and foreign famous paintings, photography, at or near the upscale printing effect of the design, it will expand the field of textile printing products, improve the grade of the product. In the past, our country's tourism souvenirs, has been suffering from no characteristics, and even the emergence of national tourism sites tourism souvenirs uniform. It is reported that the souvenir department of a famous museum in China is maintained by selling key chains, while in foreign countries, various tourist souvenirs of fine printing and digital printing have achieved a certain scale. Our country is in the key period of rapid economic development, at the same time our country than any country in the world is rich in tourism resources, with China's accession to the WTO and Beijing's bid is successful, the contact of China and the world will be more closely, rich in Chinese culture, the distinctive souvenirs, crafts gifts will be able to bring Chinese souvenir market new weather, at the same time also can give digital printing production enterprise to bring the unlimited business opportunities...

3. Personalized interior decoration and home textiles:

With the development of digital printing technology, textile production has realized the opportunity to directly face the personal consumption market. Designers can design decorative textiles for customers while providing house decoration design. Through digital printing technology, real "personalized home" and "one-to-one" production can be realized.

4. Production of other special textiles:

The characteristics of digital printing technology make it able to meet some special fields, such as film and television stage clothing and other small batch, high requirements, requirements of short production cycle. In addition, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of living standards, the production prospect of green textiles is also very wide...

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