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Will Digital Printing Replace Traditional Printing?

Dec. 03, 2019

Let me share the difference between digital printing and traditional printing.

I. Production process

The production process of traditional printing is very complicated. Before printing, it usually goes through the process of plate making, typesetting, plate making, proofing and so on. Therefore, the printing quantity is relatively high each time, and the small quantity is not suitable for printing.And digital printing is relatively simple and convenient, computer design drawings, and then output screen can skip the traditional printing cumbersome printing process, and, there is no requirement on the quantity, a can also be brushed.

Ii. Production time

Because of the complicated production process and technology of traditional printing, the production cycle is usually very long.But the digital printing operation is very convenient, can be done immediately, for those who want goods very urgent customers, have to say that is a great benefit.

III, Operation method

The traditional printing process is complicated, and each step requires highly skilled workers to operate. Because there is no professional training or unskilled workers to operate, the product is often scrapped due to mistakes.Digital printing is relatively simple, only need to know the basic computer operation can be, which for the 21st century people, the simple operation of the computer is certainly not a problem.

IV, Output screen effect

From the comparison of finished products, digital printing is more colorful than traditional printing, the text is also more clear, the effect has improved many levels compared to traditional printing, this is why more and more people choose digital printing, digital printing instead of traditional printing reasons.

 Digital Printing Machine

Digital Printing Machine

Digital printing machine have the following advantages over traditional printing presses:

(1) cycle short

Digital printing does not need film, automatic pre-press preparation, printing machines directly provide proofing, eliminating the need for traditional printing plate, no film, simplified plate making process, and the need for plate positioning, ink balance and a series of traditional printing process.

(2) the unit cost of digital printing has nothing to do with the printing quantity, which is usually 50-5000 copies.

(3) the speed and flexibility of digital printing cannot be achieved by traditional printing

Because the plates or drums in a digital printer can produce images in real time, the files can be modified before printing without causing or causing damage.

Electronic plates or light-sensitive drums allow you to change the image or text on each page as you print.

(4) facilitate digital connection with customers

Printing operations are made into electronic documents, all of which are transmitted over high-speed, long-distance communications, including the Internet, linking customers to printing services in a way that has never been possible before.

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Laser Printing Machine

Laser Printing Machine

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