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What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of digital direct printing machine?

Aug. 10, 2019

What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of digital direct printing machine? The digital printer supplier would like to share for us.

As for the understanding of the garment digital printing industry, we all have a certain understanding of the digital direct printing machine, which is mainly composed of several racks, sprinkler heads, ink and other core components. Digital direct jet printing machine is a precision machine, so there are a lot of attention to the use of details. So in the use of the process to pay attention to what matters?

1. Water, oily ink can not use each other, to know that the digital direct spray printing machine nozzle is different, and the use of oily ink, oily ink easy to erode the ink supply system and block ink head.

2. Do not plug and unplug the print line in the live condition, otherwise it will cause damage to the motherboard.

3. Pay attention to the nozzle nozzle can not wipe, if there is ink with a cloth or good quality paper towel to stick swab off, otherwise it may cause the nozzle ink hole blockage.

4. The digital printing machine must be in accordance with the grounding wire, when the air is dry, electrostatic can not be ignored, when the use of adhesive and lamp plate medium, more electrostatic charge (especially in the fast paper feed speed); Electrostatic charges can cause damage to machines and ink heads, so grounding the electrostatic discharge is the only way. Because the human body itself is a huge static power source, so when charged to control the ink head, to ensure that both hands are already discharged (contact grounding metal body or wear in addition to electrostatic bracelet), otherwise easy to cause damage to the ink head individual ink spots.

digital printer supplier

Digital Printer Supplier

  • Grounding requirements and methods:

A. Ground wire materials shall be single-strand copper wire or coiled wire with strong mechanical properties.

B. Ground connection shall not be Shared with the ground wire of building lightning rods.

C. The two ends of the ground wire shall be connected to the online pin, one end shall be fastened to the metal part of the control panel of the photo machine with bolts, and the other end shall be connected to the ground wire network of the building or the water pipe which is actually buried underground. Under the serious situation of static electricity, it is necessary to connect a number of ground wires.

5. In the ink supply system of the digital printier for sale, the ink in the ink cartridge should be maintained at about 1/2 to 3/4, there should be no air bubbles inside the ink tube, and 20ml ink should be installed before the ink head of the new nozzle is installed, otherwise it may cause the problem of no ink or ink leakage.

6. The paper delivery device forward and back when the back and forth, can not be held forward or backward button for too long, the button should not be more than 10 seconds, pause before inheritance, otherwise it will cause damage to the stepper motor or motherboard and other problems.

7. Halfway to control the ink head, must pay attention to not let ink splash into the car inside the motherboard, after the ink head reset, carefully observe the car to stay at the table, optical axis, grating (especially) without splashing ink, if there are ink droplets should immediately try to clean up.

8. The sediment in the large ink cylinder shall be cleaned and filtered on schedule to prevent the bottom sediment from entering the pipe and blocking the pipe and ink head.

The return tide weather in the south is large, the temperature in the winter in the north is very low, in different environments, we should pay attention to protect the sprinkler head. If the machine is not used in time to clean the nozzle, then in bad conditions, it is easy to cause plug or damage to the nozzle. Above is in the use of digital direct printing machine need to pay attention to the relevant links. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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