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Why the image printed by the direct image printing machine is unclear?

Sep. 16, 2019

The problem that the image printed by the direct image printing machine is unclear is classified.

Recently, I often hear some customers complain that the quality of a digital printing machine purchased from XX manufacturer is not very obvious in color and the image definition is not high. For this kind of problem, the digital printer supplier will make a summary today:

First, the phenomenon is: blurred image; There are incomplete figures in the image: the improper adjustment of the fineness of the jet nozzle is mainly caused by the ink-jet resolution not matching with the grey fabric. The solution is: because of the weaving way of the grey fabric, the surface cannot be as smooth as the paper. General inkjet printing most use 360 ~ 720dpi line inkjet. Fine fabrics such as silk fabrics rarely ink-jet to 1440dpi, if the infinite increase in image clarity not only no effect. And it will affect the speed of the jet. To increase the difficulty of software and hardware, the height of the nozzle should be reasonably adjusted according to the fineness of the pattern and the smoothness of the grey cloth. If the nozzle is too low, it is easy to block the nozzle of the guide belt direct spray machine and affect the pattern color: the nozzle is too high. The ink moves from side to side with the nozzle of the direct injector. A certain height from the fabric. It's going to produce a parabola at some Angle. The edges of the print will blur. Poor accuracy. The color is not bright enough. So in print. Adjust nozzle to proper height.

Second, the pattern color level is not rich enough

The phenomenon is: there are two injuries in the pattern, the level transition is not natural; Tone expression is not strong; The reason why the layer is more smooth is that the selection of dye ink is inappropriate or not suitable for the grey cloth. Solution: inkjet printing to spray the number of droplets to change the color level. Jet printing as a point stroke. It's ok to use high density to represent dark colors. Sometimes it feels a little hierarchical. Or as a result of the addition of extra color points, it is easy to produce a dark sense of color, the phenomenon of the brilliance of color decreased to solve the problem of light color area. The effect can be achieved by increasing the density by using dark and light pigments and double pigments. Another method is to pre-mix the colors. This is called "spot color" jet printing. But must have the test match the color system of the digital printer machine and the automatic mixing system to support. And coloring will be limited.

direct image printing machine

Digital Label Printing Machine

Third, in the process of printing, the surface particle size is coarser or there is ink flow

Formed by improper or damaged ink-jet orifice adjustment. Solution: the choice of printing accuracy. General worsted fabrics are mostly printed with high precision 720doi~720dpi. The printing accuracy is directly related to the printer resolution. The accuracy is quite high and general woolen fabric printing, can be used 360dpi~360dpi accuracy printing. This can improve the printing speed. And enough to meet the printing accuracy.

Fourth, after printing dye ink seepage phenomenon

Because the fabric printing part can absorb the ink volume is small. Under the action of capillary effect. Excess ink on the surface of the fabric diffuses along the capillary between the fibers, causing ink-jet prints to seep open. In addition to the composition of the ink itself, the main factors affecting the penetration of paint ink on the fabric. The type of fiber and fabric structure and specification are also important factors. The solution is to treat the fabric with a suitable thickener. Clog the Spaces between the fibers. Prevent ink diffusion along the capillary for thin and loose fabrics, the gap between the fibers is larger, poor water holding. Inkjet printing.

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