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How to choose the right coating for a flatbed printer?(part 1)

May. 11, 2019

How to choose the right coating for the flatbed printer machine is the information I would like to share with you. Please pay attention to the following six aspects:

First, adhesion: there are many ways to measure adhesion, such as the 100 - meter method. If the quality of the printed product requirements are high, you can also test the printed product water or water spray painting picture whether to fall off. Adhesion is the key to measure the quality of UV plate printer coating. A good coating should pass the hecker test and not come off after soaking or boiling.

Second, leveling:color printing press China shares that leveling is a common performance indicators in the coating, refers to the coating brush or spray on the surface of the object, its coating film appeared by brush marks and spray mist particles and other automatic flow into a flat smooth surface ability. Bad leveling UV flat printer coating will affect the decorative effect of the print, more importantly, if the coating surface brush marks will not automatically disappear, uneven coating surface may friction UV flat printer nozzle, causing significant losses. A good coating should be formulated to be brushed or sprayed and quickly levelled.

Flatbed Printer

Third, film transparency: as a high value-added decorative products, the appearance of the requirements are generally very high. This requires plate printer coating film colorless, transparent. Now there are some epoxy resin based two-component coating film forming yellow, affecting the decorative effect.

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