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Why Are There Four Primary Colors Of Cmyk?

Dec. 27, 2019

Why are there four primary colors of cmyk?

Instead of the three primary RGB colors like the display?

When designing a printed work, we must not only consider the combination of elements such as images and text, but also the color coordination of each element. We must also consider whether the designed color can be achieved by printing and whether the printed color is accurate.

RGB and CMYK are two color modes commonly used in design. Everyone should have encountered such a situation, when using RGB mode design drawings, the color will turn gray when switching to CMYK mode, and the color will be severely distorted when previewing on mobile phones.

In theory, only three inks of CMY are enough, and the three of them should be black together. However, because the current manufacturing process cannot produce high-purity ink, the result of CMY addition is actually dark gray, which is not enough to represent the darkest part of the picture, so K-black was introduced. In addition, black can make the details in the dark part clearer and make the midtones and dark parts clearer.

However, the above is only a theoretical situation. The CMY ink actually used is not an ideal curve due to various restrictions. The CMY for real printing and the brightest and most saturated CMY generated by RGB in PS are not the same thing!

In general, the brightness will be low, and cyan and magenta have obvious color cast.

Therefore, there is still a big difference between the actual mixed color and the ideal color.

It is important to note that after mixing the three colors of the actual CMY ink, the ideal black cannot be produced. If your printer's black ink cartridge is running out of water and you want to use CMY to make a black one, the picture is simply too beautiful to see ...

So in order to get real black, you also need to add a pure black ink, referred to as K, and K is the last letter of black, in order to avoid confusion with blue. ——This is the CMYK system we often say.

The current cmyk printing machine has done a good job, and the printed matter is printed very finely. The principle of "by adjusting the size of the ink dot to obtain the color shade change" is not very intuitive, and it is difficult to understand.

Cmyk Digital Color Printing Machines

Cmyk Digital Color Printing Machine

Where the color is dark, the lines are wider and the arrangement is denser. Where the color is light, the lines are relatively thin and the arrangement is loose. In some places, the lines have changed from dots to dots. You can also use your nails to pull it, because it is hand-engraved gravure printing, which has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the color will also have different feels.

This is the same principle as the color display of LCDs: use a lot of small (pixels) dots to make a complete image.

However, for such manual engraving and printing, the engraver needs to use a suitable texture to represent according to the pattern, which is too time-consuming and labor-intensive. Good is good, but work is too slow! At present, magazines, newspapers and other industries need fast, large-scale, low-cost printing. The news the day before will be seen in the newspaper the next day, and you can throw it after reading it. Therefore, the printing of newspapers and magazines often uses a simpler and rude method: using outlets.

The so-called halftone dots simply turn all the images indiscriminately into small dots of the same shape (without having to adjust the shape or direction of dots or lines according to the pattern).

The larger the dot, the stronger the color. The dots are small and the color is light. The CMYK percentage we adjusted in the color picker of PS is the size of the adjustment point. Specifically, this percentage refers to the coverage of the area of the dots over the entire grid area.

Due to the limitations of the printing process, there are actually many difficulties in actually controlling the actual printed duty cycle. It's not as easy as typing a keyboard on a computer. Therefore, the accuracy of the duty cycle is not high, and the data after the decimal point is basically meaningless, and it is only retained to the whole number.

In fact, the industry generally uses a rougher estimation method, which uses "cheng" as a unit of measurement. For example, a network with a coverage of 10% is called a “one percent”, and a network with a coverage of 20% is called a “two percent”. Those with a coverage rate of 0% are referred to as "permanent networks", and those with a coverage rate of 100% are referred to as "fields". And 70% of the theoretical data is input into the machine, and it may not be 70%-or it will not be accurate 70%. The state of ink, paper, and machine will affect the final result.

In this case, the four channels of CMYK, the adjustment range of each channel is from 0% to 100%, a total of 101 levels of change. As a result, the colors that can be generated by all printing systems can be numbered one by one based on the size of the dots in CMYK. This is the CMYK encoding system.

Arranging all the colors that can be printed out in order according to the number of dots is called "CMYK printing standard color spectrum". The lower the value of CMYK, the smaller the dots and the lighter the color (high lightness, low saturation). The larger the value, the larger the dots, the darker the color (the lower the brightness, the higher or lower the saturation).

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