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What are the key factors affecting the high quality production of digital printing?

Jul. 08, 2019

What are the key factors affecting the high quality production of digital printing?

With the rapid development of digital printer machine over the years, in the industry has been the transition from growth to maturity, generally at this stage, industry began to layered, do the high quality enterprise, selects high quality digital printing machine, has to be cheap quality, choose some models "cost-effective", this article focuses on the following contents:

1. physicochemical testing indexes of fabrics

In addition to the fabric itself, in the process of transfer printing, the main physical and chemical indicators from ink, affect the insolation, dry/wet rubbing fastness, perspiration fastness, and azo, heavy metal content such as indicators, current type low temperature disperse dye sunlight fastness is generally low, so do outdoor products will be a little difficult, there will be some problems in the overseas transportation. In addition, physicochemical detection index and paper coating also have a certain relationship, whether the paper coating on the fabric residual harmful substances affect the fabric detection index. Therefore, the selection of high-quality ink and paper for digital printing production is crucial!

2. The fine degree of pattern

Although digital printing is not subject to flower cycle and color restrictions, many exquisite designs also pose challenges for digital printing. The pattern accuracy is mainly affected by the following two aspects: 1. The accuracy of sprinkler head, generally speaking, the accuracy of sprinkler head under 5pl is suitable for high quality orders, and is variable ink drop printing; 2. 2. Flatness/paper transmission structure of the printing platform, which is mainly related to the continuous flatness of the paper on the printing platform, the paper is uneven, which will directly affect the printing accuracy and even cause color difference.

digital printer machine

3. Color consistency

Color consistency and nozzle, ink, software, single - machine capacity. Different sprinkler heads have different color difference performance in printing. Whether the ink is stable and consistent or not, the concentration also has a direct impact on the color. Different choices of rip software have different color spots, color level changes and color tracing.

4. Continuous production

Common digital printing order thousands of meters, a pattern, is broken in the process of printing ink, and system is not stable, if placed neatly on the printing quality is very important, which is related to the printing plant product percent of pass, negative pressure ink, degassing device, these factors are the largest extent, ensure the printing, gas rose axis scheme has become one of the high speed stable industrial standard.

The high quality production of digital printing is the need of industrial upgrading and the direction of future development. From the above four aspects, we will start to improve the quality of digital printing processing and better occupy the digital printing market.

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