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Incorrect operation of ceramic tile printer nozzle

Apr. 25, 2019

Incorrect operation of ceramic tile printer nozzle

Offset Printing Machine Manufacturer shares that the nozzle is the core part of the ceramic tile glass printer, which affects the operation of the whole machine. Sprinkler head is the most frequently used part of the background wall printer. High degree of use means that the loss of sprinkler head increases accordingly. Therefore, in daily work, we should strengthen the maintenance of the sprinkler head of the machine and make regular inspection to ensure the complete operation of the sprinkler head.

The sprinkler head in the work run, the staff will unavoidably make damage to uv printer sprinkler head behavior, below and we understand what kind of behavior will harm the sprinkler head?

1: the power supply

In the process of using the glass printer, the staff usually disassemble, install and clean the sprinkler head without turning off the power, which is a serious mistake. Loading and unloading the sprinkler head without turning off the power will cause damage to various parts of the system, and finally affect the printing effect. In addition, when cleaning the nozzle, also need to shut off the power supply, and pay attention not to let the water hit the circuit board and other systems, so as to avoid damage to parts.

2: ink

The printer of ceramic tile setting wall USES to oneself the ink requirement is very strict, cannot use the uv ink of different model at will, or use the ink that quality does not pass and clear fluid. Different types of ink used at the same time will lead to printing color difference; And use the quality of the ink will cause nozzle blockage, bad cleaning fluid may be corrosive nozzle, so we buy ink, it is best to follow the advice of the manufacturer, in uv ink to pay more attention to.

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