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Advantages of glass jet printer

May. 05, 2019

Advantages of glass jet printer shared by the inkjet printer exporter.

1. Exquisite patterns can be printed on the surface of crystal, PVC, glass, metal, ceramic, acrylic and other materials.

2. There is no surface contact with the printed pattern to avoid any damage to some fragile prints.

3. Suitable for ultra-thin substrate and up to 100-400 cm thick arbitrary plane material products.

4. No need for plate making, small batch printing.

inkjet printer exporter

5. No need to register color, one printing multicolor, color transition.

6. Simple operation procedure, namely spray and dry, with fast personalized output characteristics.

7. High yield and long service life.

8. The function of preventing the print head from clogging makes the machine performance more stable.

9. Can provide continuous ink supply system can greatly reduce the printing cost, improve the profit space.

10. The application industry is very wide, as long as it is a flat material, everything can be printed, so there is the title of universal printer.

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