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What is the difference between heat transfer printer and ordinary printer?

Jul. 01, 2019

What is the difference between heat transfer printer and ordinary printer? Following the digital printing machine supplier would like to share for you.

In life, we have a lot of things to print will choose the printer, and heat transfer machine can also transfer patterns, so what is the difference between heat transfer machine and ordinary printer?

Ordinary printers process images on a computer and print them on related media. And the thermal sublimation printer is to use the page printer needs heat transfer printing patterns, transfer to the heat transfer paper, and then through the hot stamping machine (heat transfer machine) for stamping. There is also a thermal sublimation, is to use the thermal sublimation printer to transfer the heat transfer ink to the thermal sublimation paper, and then use the stamping machine (thermal transfer machine) for embossing.

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Heat transfer printer and ordinary printer printing out of the effect is not the same. We all know that prints made with a printer are dependent on the pixels of the image, the resolution of the printer, and the quality of the printer. Also affected by color, such as white patterns do not transfer to color clothing, that is market printers do not have white ink. Heat transfer printing is usually carried out on a white background, such patterns will be very clear.

Ordinary printers print directly on paper medium, while thermal sublimation printers can transfer printing on curved surfaces such as ceramics, clothes, hats and cups.

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