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What should I do if the AD printer has the following 3 questions?

Jul. 15, 2019

What should I do if the AD printer has the following 3 questions?

In the advertising production industry, UV Flatbed Printers are indispensable. Although the uv scrolling flatbed printer is simple to operate, there may be some problems for people who are not skilled in operation, resulting in an error in the quality of the printed image.

(1) Print media

We all know that UV Flatbed Printing Machine can print both stencil and web media, but the entire media cannot be higher than the range that the machine can carry. Otherwise, the nozzle will be damaged, which will result in unclear printing of the entire screen.

(2) Data transmission problem

You may encounter a situation where the UV Flatbed Printing Press continues to flash after transmitting the print data, even if the start button is pressed, the machine will not print. This is also a common print production failure that is difficult for an inexperienced operator to handle.

(3) dripping phenomenon

During the printing process, the machine occasionally drops ink. This is usually because the filter in the air filter on the sub tank is wet, resulting in poor ventilation. This may also be due to the fine hair of the nozzle. Dust and other dust, when the dirt accumulates to a certain extent, the ejected ink will automatically drip.

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