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The advantages of our printing machine, do you know about ?

Nov. 23, 2019

We are a big and professional firm in our local district. Digital printing machine and laser printing machine are our main hot sale products. Because our products are of good quality and low price, they are often sold out. Many old customers will bring new customers to our place to place orders. At present, we have many laser printing machine for sale.

 The advantages of our printing machine, do you know about ?cid=3

The digital printing machine broke through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realized the real printing of a piece of full-color image without plate making. The extremely low printing cost and high-quality printing effect are more economical and convenient than the traditional printing system, with less system investment, digital operation mode and limited space occupation, making the system have a greater market prospect. It is the best supplement to the traditional printing and the replacement product of the traditional printing machine. Digital printing machines are divided into industrial digital printing machines and office digital printing machines (i.e. digital printing all-in-one machines) according to different purposes. The digital printing press has made a new force emerge in the digital printing industry, opening up a fashionable and novel way for enterprises, factories and individuals to start their own businesses on the road of digital printing. The digital printing machine has the advantages of little investment, extremely low printing cost, select able printing size, high printing quality, small occupied space, few operators and extremely low operation cost, large thickness selectivity of printing material types, and great investment advantages. In addition, professional digital printing ink can realize saturated and gorgeous color, wide color gamut and good transition, far exceeding the traditional printing effect.


The laser printer originated from the laser typesetting technology in the late 1980s and was popular in the mid-1990s. It is a printing output device that combines laser scanning technology with electrophotography technology. The basic working principle is that the binary data information transmitted by the computer is converted into video signals by the video controller, then the video signals are converted into laser driving signals by the video interface/control system, then the laser scanning system generates a laser beam carrying character information, and finally the electrophotographic system images the laser beam and transfers it to paper. Compared with other printing equipment, laser printer machine has the advantages of fast printing speed, high imaging quality, etc. Laser printer is composed of laser, acousto-optic modulator, high-frequency drive, scanner, synchronizer and optical deflector. Its function is to modulate the binary dot matrix information sent by interface circuit onto laser beam and then scan onto photoreceptor.The photoreceptor and the photographic mechanism form an electrophotographic transfer system, which transfers the image of the image and text incident on the photoreceptor drum to the printing paper. Its principle is the same as that of a copier. Laser printer is a non-impact output device that combines laser scanning technology and electronic imaging technology. It has different models and different printing functions, but its working principle is basically the same. It has to go through seven processes: charging, exposure, development, transfer printing, electricity elimination, cleaning and fixing, of which five processes are carried out around the photosensitive drum. When the text or image to be printed is input into the computer, it is preprocessed by computer software. Then, the printer driver converts it into a print command (printer language) that the printer can recognize and sends it to the high-frequency drive circuit to control the on and off of the laser emitter to form a dot matrix laser beam. Then, the photosensitive drum in the electronic imaging system is axially scanned and exposed by the scanning rotating mirror, and the longitudinal scanning is realized by the rotation of the photosensitive drum itself.


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