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The Development of Digital Printing Machine

Oct. 25, 2019

According to technical source, the existing digital printing equipment on the market can be roughly divided into the following four categories.

1. Digital printing all-in-one machine -- developed from copier technology and digital technology

(1) this kind of equipment generally includes three parts: scanning part, laser printing part and folding binding part. Its function is more comprehensive, including scanning, copying, printing and digital distribution. This kind of equipment belongs to the multi-function digital printing system, is a kind of digital printing, from the previous single output device into a digital input, output integrated equipment.

(2) the characteristics and advantages of digital printing all-in-one machine: the output speed is 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 pages per minute or even higher, suitable for a wide range of markets; Due to the addition of digital technology to ensure quality stability; Simple operation of equipment, clean working environment;The cost of the system is low and the system is competitive.It is these characteristics that digital printing all-in-one machine has, we anticipate its development foreground is broad.

2. Digital multi-function all-in-one machine -- developed on the basis of printing technology

These devices are in principle the same as the former, but because they do not master the high-speed laser printer core technology, most manufacturers of digital all-in-one can only compete in the low-speed (30 pages per minute) market, and even compete for fax machines and printer market. Such devices are difficult to enter the digital printing market.

3. Digital printing machine -- developed from printing machine technology, digital technology and electronic ink technology

4. Digital printing machine -- developed from printing machine technology plus digital technology and in-machine direct platemaking technology

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