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How To Make The Digital Printing Machine Work Steadily

Dec. 18, 2019

How to make the digital printer machine work steadily and become a real "printing machine" is the problem that every boss in the digital printing business is very concerned about. At present, common and mainstream digital Printing equipment in the market can be divided into two categories: A3 inkjet printing press and laser digital Printing Press.

Laser digital printers, both monochromatic and four-color, are essentially based on electrostatic imaging, such as konica minolta bizhub PRESS C1070.In order for the equipment to work steadily, digital printing machine suppliers believe that they should pay attention to the following aspects:

Digital Printer Machine

Digital Printer Machine

1 equipment installation and use environment:

A) the ground level of the machine room: if the ground level is not good, it will directly lead to the internal deformation of the equipment and increase the failure rate, which is exactly a point that many users do not pay enough attention to;

B) temperature and humidity of the machine room;Proper temperature and humidity should be maintained in the machine room. The temperature recommended by the author is 18-23 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 40-60%RH.Too high or too low temperature and humidity will cause poor quality printing.The author suggests, inside machine room should install cold warm air conditioning (depend on local climate decision), dehumidifier or humidifier, maintain the temperature humidity inside machine room in a fixed level, fluctuation should not be too big.

c) Environmental hygiene of the machine room (dust): Because the internal air of the digital printing machine needs circulating air for heat dissipation or exhaust, if there is too much dust in the air of the machine room, dust entering the machine will cause failure of optical components on the one hand and It can also cause accelerated deterioration of machine parts. Therefore, the author recommends that each machine room be equipped with a water-filtered vacuum cleaner. Use vacuum cleaners for cleaning as much as possible, do not use brooms, and mop the floor at a fixed time. Why use a water-filtered vacuum cleaner? This is because this kind of vacuum cleaner can dissolve the sucked-in dust in water, while ordinary vacuum cleaners can easily suck in dust here, and the other side's air outlet will blow some dust back into the air. There is a little trick when using a water filter vacuum cleaner. You can add a small amount of washing powder or detergent to the water to accelerate the dissolution of dust in the water.

2 Use and preservation of printed materials such as paper and media:


Improper storage of paper will cause moisture and deformation to increase paper jams and affect print quality. The author suggests that a small amount of paper can be stored in the machine room in the same environment as the machine, provided that the temperature and humidity in the machine room are well controlled. A large amount of paper should be stored in a warehouse or area that is protected from direct sunlight or humidity. The paper should be placed on a shelf or a wooden pallet, whether it is opened or not. It should not be placed directly on the floor or in contact with the wall. . How much paper is used and disassembled, don't put it in the paper box of the machine for a long time. If the machine has a built-in paper box dehumidification function, the secondary function should be turned on.

 3 Maintenance and use:

A special person should be appointed to be responsible for the daily inspection, maintenance and color correction of the machine. Can not rely entirely on the manufacturer's after-sales service engineers, there must be a special person to assist the engineer to maintain the machine, daily simple and routine problems can be solved in time. Train operators to operate the machine properly and take good care of the machine.

The above are some suggestions I have put together to improve the stability of digital printing presses. I hope they can be helpful to everyone.

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