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What Are The Causes Of Ink Pipeline Blockage In UV Flat Panel Printers

Mar. 30, 2019

UV Flatbed Printer market is booming in recent years, followed the user in the process of using are not different kinds of problems, today small make up and share, UV flat-panel printers lose refill tube county blocking what reason, appear this kind of circumstance, lack of experience, and there is no technical personnel to solve never at a loss, today share under UV flat-panel printer manufacturers more famous veteran after-sales technical engineer solution.

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Use the flat panel printer to check whether there are foreign bodies at both ends of the ink pipeline causing blockage. If there are short crystallization or foreign bodies, the UV flat panel printer can be removed with a straight paper clip. If there is a blockage in the long pipeline of the flat plate printer, please contact the original manufacturer or the local dealer to buy a new tap line (four lines).

Digital Label Printing Machine Manufacturer says that if the ink level in the external UV printer cartridge does not rise, it can be inferred that the ink pipeline is blocked.

The more of color printing warm prompt usually must pay attention to the universal flat printer maintenance and maintenance, little long holiday is to remember maintenance machine nozzle, in the process of using machine also need to keep the operating environment clean, if too much dust environment, easy to enter the ink pipeline, brought about changes in the structure of ink, or nozzle blockage may even damage the nozzle; Additional, the dirt on orbit, oily dirt also wants seasonable processing.

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