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What Are The Benefits Of UV Printer Polish?

Apr. 09, 2019

Whether you need the UV printer products supplied from UV Printer Manufacturer glazing oil, this is according to the designer or the customer request to specify, cover on the design surface of light oil, this technology is to make the print surface to the expected effect of artistic originality, at the same time enhance the pattern of light, be able to bear or endure dirty, wear-resisting performance, improve the ability of heat printing technology, moisture-proof, protect imprinting, beautification adornment effect.

The glazing process of UV Flatbed Printer can be divided into overall glazing oil, local glazing oil, matt glazing oil and artistic glazing oil, etc., which have advantages:

1.The attention of the overall polish is to protect the printed matter, and improve the surface gloss of printed matter.

2.Universal printer local glazing oil is generally in the printed matter on the graphics and text part of the need to emphasize glazing, the use of glazing part of the high gloss screen and no glazing part of the low gloss screen relative, produce wonderful artistic effect.

                                                                  UV Printer Manufacturer

Bright white.

3.Flat plate printer matt glazing is UV matte oil, and ordinary glazing effect is the opposite, it is to reduce the gloss of the surface of the printed matter, thus producing a special effect.

4.UV plate printer art glazing oil function is to make the surface of glazing products get special artistic effect, so that the printed matter appears gorgeous, noble and elegant.

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