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UV flatbed printers bring new opportunities to advertising

Jul. 11, 2019

UV flatbed printers bring new opportunities to advertising

UV flatbed printers offer new opportunities for advertising. In the urban business district, everywhere, there are all kinds of large advertisements everywhere. The pictures displayed are nothing more than the hard work of advertising companies to attract eyeballs to promote their creations. These billboards have many shapes and functions and have become a common method of commercial promotion and brand promotion. UV flatbed Color Offset Printing Machine devices have the following manufacturing advantages:

(1) As a new technology, the primary UV lithography technology has made up for the shortcomings of traditional screen printing technology in small-volume printing. It has not only opened a shopping mall with special printing, but also used to complete proofreading or simulating images. Customers can choose the most appropriate skills from a variety of processes to meet their needs.

(2) In the conventional process, flexographic printing technology can only be used for flexible media, and then the printed flexible medium is adhered to the hard material. Although screen printing can be printed directly on hard materials, various pre-press pretreatments, such as plate making, are required, which adds cost. UV lithography can be used on a variety of soft and hard media without the need for platemaking and other prepress processes.

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