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UV Flat Panel Printer UV Lamp Fault Solution

Apr. 04, 2019

We usually hear that the nozzle is probably the core part of the UV flat panel printer, but we ignore the fact that the UV lamp is also one of the core parts of the equipment, its main role is to ensure that UV ink attached to the surface of the pattern can be quickly dry, dry thoroughly, avoid the pattern appears fade, fall off and so on. In the process of using for a long time, whether it is the natural aging of parts or improper operation, will lead to failure. Following the UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturers share the four common kinds of fault: UV lamp dimming, UV lamp does not go out, UV lamp does not light, UV lighting distance error.

I. UV lamp dimming

1. Whether the knob on the water tank is changed, solution: twist the knob on the water tank;

2. The power supply inside the water tank is damaged.

3. UV power cord damage, solution: replace the new UV power cord;

                                                                   UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturers

4. UV lamp belt damage, solution: replace the new UV lamp belt;

5. Bad contact, solution: if the joint is loose, tighten it again;

6. If the temperature is too high, the solution is to check the freezing liquid in the water tank and add a new one.

II. UV lamp is not out

1. Y plate relay aging, solution: replace the new Y plate relay;

2. The test UV lamp is not turned off by the software. Solution: turn off the test by the software

3. UV control line short circuit, solution: replace the control line, reconnect

4. Board card failure, solution: replace the new board card

III.UV lamp is not bright

1. UV power of the UV Flatbed Printing Machine cord damage, solution: replace the new power cord;

2. UV lamp belt damage, solution: replace the new UV lamp belt;

3. The water tank internal power damage, solution: maintenance of the internal power damage part, can not repair, contact the manufacturer to replace a new;

4. The upper knob of the water tank has 0 power output. Solution: adjust the output power of the lower knob;

5. The control software does not turn on the light. Solution: turn on the control software light;

6. Lamp damage, solution: contact the manufacturer, replace the new UV lamp;

7. Board card failure, solution: contact the manufacturer and replace the new board card.

IV.UV lighting distance error

1. Connect the power cord of UV lamp backward, solution: connect the power cord of UV lamp forward;

2. There is a problem with the lighting distance.

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