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How to Choose The Right UV Flatbed Printer?

Feb. 18, 2019

At present, UV printers from UV Flatbed Printer Supplier are emerging on the market. At the time of purchase, we must pay attention to the following issues. Some unprofessional salesmen may use these to mislead everyone. After all, these are the most concerned issues for users.

1. The larger the UV Flatbed Printer Machine is, the faster it prints. This is also a wrong view. In the case of a single-headed machine in the same time, the speed of the small machine is not slower than that of the large machine.

2, the newer UV Flatbed Printing Machine model, the higher the technical content, some customers will say that your machine can not guarantee that there will be no failure, this is sorry, we can not promise this unprotected thing, after all, the machine is the machine, not There may be no malfunctions.

3, UV flatbed printer color as much as possible This is a very wrong view, the more the color the greater the risk, because the stability of the ink is different every season, the quality and stability of the ink directly affects the production And the loss of the flatbed printer nozzle.

4, uv flatbed printer to play a picture or word, it looks okay, the user will also pre-purchase proofing, but the actual proofing and production is two things, the long-term stability of the UV printer should be considered when purchasing is the most important.

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