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Do UV Flat-Panel Printers Really Need Factory Ink?

Mar. 25, 2019

UV flat-panel printers buyers or users know, after we buy back the machine, UV printer manufacturers will repeatedly stressed that requires the use of manufacturers of ink, nozzle plug, otherwise it is not to give this service, this binding type material consumption is offensive to a lot of customers, do not use the ink manufacturers recommend that we want? Use other ink will really appear plug, and use the original machine manufacturers ink will not plug? What factors determine UV printer ink?

I.Nozzle type:

Different UV printer nozzle, its own material type, internal channels, electronic transistors, ignition frequency, nozzle diameter and other aspects are different,such as Waterproof Label Printer , which also requires the UV ink produced to meet the characteristics of the nozzle itself, or not only directly affect the printing effect, and may block the nozzle.

II. Supporting supply

UV ink provided by the manufacturer has tested the coating, varnish, white ink and other materials required by the prepress and postpress processing technology before leaving the factory to ensure its compatibility, water resistance, scratch resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics. If replaced, it will not achieve the desired effect, may lead to the pattern storage time, easy to fade, fall off and other adverse consequences.

                                                           Waterproof Label Printer

III. Service provided by the manufacturer

Use UV ink provided by UV flat panel printer manufacturers, so that the ink system and accessories problems, UV printer manufacturers will provide corresponding after-sales service. If do not use, appear all sorts of problems, manufacturer won't be in charge of maintenance. After all, the profit of this consumable material, also be a source of manufacturer income. This also reminds everyone, it is best not to replace Color Offset Printing Machine ink, once the nozzle plug scrap, loss than dozens of dollars cheaper than ink to much.

IV. LED lamp curing type

The LED curing lamps used to illuminate UV ink also have different wavelengths and emit different UV intensities, which requires matching the amount of photosensitive curing agent in UV ink. If the strength is too large, the UV ink has not fully spray on the surface of the material, has been cured; If the strength is too low, the pattern cannot be dried quickly, and the color will be lost in one button, leading to a very high scrap rate.

In short, it is better to use original ink manufacturer, it is not necessary to in order to save a little money, buy ink from other channels, lose the manufacturer shall have the after-sales service, the machine can also cause ink road system congestion even scrapped, and every company have the old customer preferential promotional activities, according to their own usage can stock up appropriately, so that not only cost savings, after-sales can also guaranteed.

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